5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your BONUS Reward Points

Posted on March 16, 2022

IMAGE: Business woman in hotel, cheering at computer screen.Texell’s BONUS Reward Points is a simple, easy-to-use program that rewards you with points each time you use your Signature BONUS or Platinum BONUS Credit Card, or your BONUS Debit Card. From groceries to utility bills to dining, your purchases will really pay off.

  • Earn 2 points on utilities, charities, and memberships, plus 1.25 points on everyday purchases with your Signature BONUS Card.

  • Earn 1 point per $1 spent with your Platinum BONUS Card.

  • Earn 1 point per $4 spent with your BONUS Debit Card or Wildcat BONUS Debit Card.

Here are five tips to help you maximize your BONUS Reward Points:

  1. Take advantage of the sign-up bonus. Our Signature BONUS Credit Card offers 50,000 points when you spend $5,000 in the first 90 days. If the sign-up bonus aligns with your purchase habits and your budget, this bonus is valuable and a quick way to earn a large sum of reward points.

  2. Use your card for every purchase. First, it’s essential to establish a budget to not spend money you don’t have just to earn reward points. If used responsibly, you can maximize your reward by using your card for every purchase. The more you charge, the more rewards you earn.

  3. Set your recurring payments up on your card.
    First, this is a great option to help you never forget to pay a bill. If you use your credit or debit card for these charges, you’ll get rewarded for everyday expenses. As an additional bonus, if you use your Signature BONUS card for your utilities, memberships, and charitable donations, you earn two points for every dollar spent.

  4. Pay your balance in full every billing cycle. Paying your credit card balance in full each month allows you to avoid paying interest on your purchases. The interest you pay on purchases negates the value of the points earned. To help control your credit card balance, you may want to consider making weekly payments to your card, helping you avoid a big expense at the end of your billing cycle.

  5. Know when your points expire. Don’t forget to redeem your points before they expire! Texell’s BONUS Reward Points expire five years after the day you earn them. According to Bankrate.com, an estimated 29% of people who collect credit card rewards let them expire. That is leaving money on the table! You will also lose your points if you close your account or it is not in good standing.

BONUS Reward Points are a great option to earn cash back, travel credits, brand-name merchandise, and gift cards. Establish a budget and use your BONUS credit or debit cards for all your purchases — it can be very rewarding!

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