Business Member Spotlight on Rafter P Insulating

Posted on December 13, 2023

IMAGE: Rafter P Insulating, LLC teamAfter working a few years in the industry, Jonathan Preston opened his own spray foam insulating company on November 15, 2022. With Texell's help, he got an SBA loan for business expansion. He began with one trailer and now has two trailers and four full-time employees, serving Central Texas.

"With spray foam, we're insulating the entire exterior perimeter with the goal of creating an airtight envelope within the house or structure," Jonathan said. "We use 100% water-based blown polyurethane, or low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) products that have less harmful emissions."

Jonathan explained that creating a more controlled environment throughout the structure is more energy efficient than using fiberglass or mineral insulation. Rafter P Insulating uses the latest technology and equipment to provide the best material at competitive prices. Their insulation is more environmentally friendly because they use water-based products instead of sucrose or soy-based spray foam. However, they also offer fiberglass insulation options for sound control in interior walls.

Although his business has only been open for a year, Rafter P Insulating has already completed several major projects. They have a contract with an area homebuilder to insulate over 200 homes a year, and they also worked on a new H-E-B in San Antonio. Another upcoming project they're looking forward to is a movie production studio in Bastrop.

"We have two trailers at the moment, and I don't want to grow to where I can't maintain it," Jonathan said. "I think three or four trailers is a realistic number, and I think we'll get there in the next year or two."

GIF: Rotating images of Jonathan Preston, Rafter P Insulating trucks and projects.

Jonathan discussed how he previously worked for an insulation company that was bought by a much larger corporation. With the corporate structure, he felt he lost the ability to please their customers. His goal is to provide customers with top-notch service and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

"We're fortunate to have the projects and staff to keep everything in order," Jonathan said. "The guys that are working for me have been in the industry a long time, and they continue to give our customers the quality they deserve."

Rafter P Insulating has offices in Salado, TX, and services the central Texas area within 120 miles of Salado. Contact Jonathan Preston at 254.444.6474 or email

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