4 Ways Umbrella Insurance Can Save the Day

Posted on June 17, 2021

mother laughing with her little girlIt's important to have insurance coverage to protect your current assets and future earnings if you’re involved in a serious accident or lawsuit. Otherwise, you could be liable for more than your current auto or homeowners coverage limits.

Texell Insurance can save the day with umbrella insurance. If you’re in a serious auto accident or there’s a serious accident on your property, umbrella insurance can protect your wages, home, investments, cars and boats. This can spare you from hundreds of thousands — even millions — in legal fees, personal liability and property damage claims.

Here are 4 scenarios a personal umbrella insurance policy can save the day:

  1. An accident that occurs at your home
    If a guest is severely injured while in your home or on your property, your umbrella policy kicks in.

  2. Your pup bites a stranger
    While your dog may be well socialized, umbrella coverage provides peace of mind in the unlikely instance he injures a stranger.

  3. You are at fault in an auto accident
    You’re driving on a rainy day and your car hydroplanes, causing a collision. The other car is a luxury vehicle with $500k in damage. Your policy limit is $300k. Your umbrella policy will cover the shortfall.

  4. Your spouse or child is sued
    Imagine this: in a cloud of anger after getting a bad grade, your child posts false information about a teacher online. The teacher sues you and is successful. Your umbrella policy has you covered!

Hopefully, you’ll never experience any of these crises… but what if you did? The good news is that umbrella insurance is amazingly affordable, generally $150 to $300 annually for a $1 million dollar policy.

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